Water Testing and Treatment

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Having a private well in your home can be a great thing. However, given they aren’t regulated, you need to ensure that everything is flowing smoothly and that things continue to work as they should yourself. This includes ensuring that the water clean and safe.

Wells can be impacted by a number of things, and unwanted bacteria, metals and other things can build up in you well and affect your water supply. Regular water testing can not only tell you if there’s a problem but ensure everything is as it should be. We don’t just do emergency well repair, we also offer a range of testing to ensure your well water is safe for use.


Your family’s health you should always be your number one concern. Getting your water tested is the easiest and best way to ensure you are taking this matter seriously. Your well, or other water source, can be negatively impacted by floods or other events that could cause some form of contamination to enter it.

Getting your water tested by a professional means you can be sure your water is safe and clean, but also, if there is a problem, that it will be thoroughly addressed. So, start to take the health of your family seriously and get your water tested now.


Our water testing methods are comprehensive and thorough, and we test a wide range of factors to ensure your drinking water is truly safe. We test for bacteria build up, unusual amount of metal, such as mercury or copper and metal, and even for things like sulfur.

We provide this thorough range of testing to give you real piece of mind and you can be guaranteed that your water is safe to be used by you and your family.

E. coli and Coliforms

E. coli and other forms of coliforms are a common bacterium that can build up in well or water system and it’s one of the more common things we test for. This bacterium is harmless is many cases, but not always and can present a wide range of health issues if it goes untreated in your water.

Vomiting and other stomach or intestinal problems are the common symptoms that can occur if there is an e. coli build up in your water supply. Getting your water tested regularly, to ensure there isn’t a build of this bacteria, is the best way to avoid any problems.


If we identify any problem in your well, the next step we will take is finding a solution. The solution, naturally, depends on what the problem is. If your water it too acidic, we have a range of acid neutralisers.

Water softeners are also a great and common method for dealing with some problems. If it’s a nitrate problem, sediment issue or iron and sulfur issue, we have a range of treatment methods get your water clean and safe again. No matter the problem we find in your water, we can provide the correct and best solution. It’s simple for us.

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